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Adaptive systems are systems that are able to adapt their behavior according to changes in their environment or in parts of the system itself.

Finding relationships between parameters in data can often be difficult. Adaptive systems, such as neural networks, can be used as powerful modeling tools that can automatically find input/output relationships and discover patterns in data. They have been sucessfully applied in a large number of fields ranging from economics to science.

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By combining state of the art adaptive systems technology and a focus on usability and integration with existing technologies, Peltarion brings the strength of adaptive systems and neural networks to real-world practical applications.

Peltarion offers development tools and system solutions that allow our customers to harvest the power of adaptive systems with a minimal effort and cost. Our mission at Peltarion is bringing adaptive systems to real-world practical applications ranging from industry, commerce, consumer products and medicine to information technology and entertainment.

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The experienced Peltarion consulting team will help you to get financial return on your investment in new technology in a shorter time. You know your business requirements and the Peltarion team knows how to design and implement an optimized system in a short time to a high quality.

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Peltarion introduces Synapse, the ultimate development tool for adaptive systems. Synapse combines the most advanced adaptive systems technology with an unprecedented ease of use.

Synapse is the most advanced adaptive- and neural systems development environment on the market. It allows you to design, train, analyze and deploy adaptive systems, such as artificial neural networks. Synapse combines an easy-to-use graphical user interface with powerful algorithms for adaptive systems as well as a component-based design approach that allows for easy integration with existing systems.

Discover a world of possibilities with your data using Synapse!

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